Our Preschool
Thank you for your interest in our Little Pioneers’ Preschool!  We have a wonderful program here at Clearview Regional High School.  Our high school students take Child Development classes and learn to interact with, prepare lessons for, and teach preschoolers in the Little Pioneers Preschool.  Your child will have a very unique preschool environment here and will gain the necessary social and academic skills for Kindergarten.

Our preschool students receive one-to-one attention and small group instruction.  We teach structured lessons as well as provide free play opportunities to build little imaginations.  Their lessons are based on the weekly theme, holiday, color, shape, letter and number. We also have special events and guest visitors based on the season or holiday.  Our daily activities include: letter and number concepts, calendar, story, crafts, games, music, technology, reading and writing readiness and physical education.

Our community students attend preschool from October through May and follow the Clearview Regional High School calendar.  Hours will occasionally be reduced and/or cancelled for early dismissal days, inclement weather days, and/or other unanticipated situations.  

If you have any questions about our wonderful program, please e-mail the director, Tammy Murphy, at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest!