Caring for Camden Children
Caring for Camden Children
Caring for Children

Clearview Cares for Camden Kids

Donate new apparel & more to kids and their families at the KIPP Lanning Square Middle School in Camden, NJ for the holidays!

 Where to donate:
Clearview High School Room 115

 What to donate:
Diapers/baby clothes/baby gifts (lotions, etc)
Toddler Clothes
Toys for Boys & Girls (ages 4-13)
Clothes for Children (ages 1-14)
Accessories-earrings, necklaces, blanket scarves, etc.
Basketballs, Footballs,
Soccer Balls
Winter Gear (coats, gloves, hats, scarves)

 By Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Questions, please contact Ms. Jennifer Satterfield

*Sponsored by Clearview Humanitarian Studies & SURE*