Summer Assignments
Summer Assignments
Summer 19Why Summer Reading and Assignments Matter

Research shows that when students are not engaged in educational activities during the summer, they experience learning loss and diminish academic gains made during the school year.  The Clearview district acknowledges this research, but also recognizes the need for students to have down time during the summer to relax, reinvigorate and explore alternative learning activities.  The district’s philosophy is to provide a balanced summer assignment program that provides academic opportunities with reasonable time allotments for completion.  The purposes for our summer assignments are to: measure, maintain and/or sharpen skills; promote academic habits of minds;provide a foundation and preparation for courses; and manage the rigorous demands associated with Advanced Placement courses with regard to established testing dates and adequate preparation time for these assessments. 

Only assignments posted on the district website have been reviewed and approved.  Summer work will be reviewed, collected, and/or assessed via classroom quiz as noted on the cover sheet of each assignment.  


Middle School English - ALL STUDENTS
High School English - ALL STUDENTS


Math 7 and Advanced Math 7
Math 8 and Advanced Math 8
Honors Algebra I   Solutions    
Honors Geometry     
Advanced Algebra II
Honors Algebra II  (Optional)  Solutions 
Honors Pre-Calculus   Solutions 
AP Statistics
     Chapter 1
     Chapter 2
     Chapter 3


Honors Biology
Honors Chemistry
Honors Physics
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP Physics 1
AP Physics II
AP Physics C Mechanics

Social Studies

AP US History
AP Government and Politics

World Language

French IV Honors and AP