CAMP LITTLE PIONEER 2016 was a great success!  Thank you to the board of education for approving our program and for continuing to support our Little Pioneer Preschool programs!

                             CAMP LITTLE PIONEER 2017

Interested in summer camp to keep your little ones active while on summer break?  Upon board approval in the spring of 2017, we intend to offer a four week, mid-summer camp right here at Clearview High School.  This camp is open to anyone in the community!  You don't have to be enrolled in our preschool!  Campers must be ages 3-5 and fully potty trained.
Mon.-Thurs. 9:15-11:30 from July 10-August 3, 2017


“Camp Little Pioneer” will be filled with games, crafts and fun, summer-themed activities for your little ones. 

Summer camp is a great way to introduce school for beginning preschoolers and to keep the momentum going for those already enrolled in preschool or kindergarten.                                                 

Please send an email to Tammy Murphy if you are interested!
Registration closes June 9th.