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Need reference services outside of school hours? The NJ State Library's contracted Reference Service with The Newark Public Library can help! 

--by telephone, 973-733-7779
--by email,

 CRHS Library Mission Statement
 "Our role is to inspire the quest for learning in students and enable them to use research    techniques wherever they may be; celebrate the understood, not just the found."

Arlen Kimmelman

Library Assistant
Michelle Mazzarella
Mrs. Kimmelman

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Fake news?

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A = Authority (credentials, knowledge, qualifications)‚Äč A = Accuracy (valid, verifiable) B = Bias (one-sided, missing info., or selling something) C = Currency (up-to-date if it needs to be) C = Coverage (reading level and amount right for you)

Be a critical user of information; evaluate your sources!